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What is PPI?

It is insurance that might have been sold to you alongside your mortgage or loan, or credit card, to protect your repayments against unemployment, accident or illness. Often, you can end up paying vastly over the odds for this protection when it could be cheaper elsewhere.

How might it have been mis-sold?

There may be a number of reasons why your PPI policy is not suitable for you. When the PPI policy was sold to you:

  • Did you think you were treated unfairly?
  • Was the PPI added to your loan or credit card without your knowledge?
  • Were you told that you had to have PPI to get your loan or credit card?
  • Did the lender fail to explain the full cost of the PPI policy?
  • Did you have existing protection to cover redundancy, accident or illness (maybe your employer already provided this cover)?
  • Did the lender fail to consider whether you had existing protection to cover redundancy, accident or illness?
  • Did you have any existing medical conditions when the PPI policy commenced?
  • Did the lender fail to explain that pre-existing medical conditions may affect your chances of making a successful claim.

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, then you may be entitled to reclaim what you have paid on the policy.

How can we help?

Consumer Refund Service specialise in assessing your policy and will negotiate with your lender on your behalf to reclaim every penny paid for a policy plus interest. We make the claiming process easy and aim to reach a speedy settlement for every client.