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PPI for Credit Cards

As we have outlined above, all too often, PPI was mis-sold alongside various services. The sheer scale of mis-sold payment protection insurance policies for credit cards are staggering, and you could be one of the many entitled to claim.

PPI was often sold to those who did not know about it and, therefore, did not need it. It’s been reported by Which? magazine that more than 1.3 million have been mis-sold PPI by sales staff. You could have been mis-led about your payment protection insurance, from a whole range of methods:

  • If at any point the sales person pressured you into taking out the PPI policy, you could have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.
  • Your PPI policy breakdown should have been separate to that of the credit cards.
  • If you were off sick and were covered by sick pay, you may not have needed the PPI policy.
  • Alternative insurance covers should have been detailed, and the lender should have looked to see if you already had existing policies.
  • You should have been made aware that PPI was optional, and not something you needed to take out. Also, the lender must have made you aware that you were purchasing PPI, or it was mis-sold.
  • PPI policies come with exclusion clauses and it was the duty of the lender to outline these clauses.